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Wedding photoshooting at beautiful beach with English assistant♬

Wedding photoshooting at beautiful beach with English assistant♬
Shooting LocationYomitan village

Hi, ladies & Gentlemen!!

How are you all doing? This is Sue from Ryukyu Wedding♪
Hope you are all doing ok during the pandemic.
Today, we have good news for English speaking people on the island as well as tourists.

Since Japan started to accept tourists from overseas, many foreign tourists coming into Okinawa, too.
we are happy to welcome them♪

Ryukyu Wedding company is planning to accept more English speaking customers as they wish to try our service of wedding photo shooting. We might add a new PLAN with English interpretor service with an extra cost for those wish to pay for it. It is not set yet, but we are working on it, so please look forward to it♬

So, whoever around you, those who are not able to understand Japanese, but would like to try photo shooting, please let them know! Pass them this information, please. It will be very appreciated!

beautiful couple enjoyed photoshooting in Okinawa♬

Or those who live in Okinawa with an international marriage! For an example, one of the spouses has Japanese nationality, the other spouse has foreign nationality and can’t understand Japanese, but interpreting for your spouse during the photoshooting can be stressful, so never mind, let’s give up! Are you thinking that way sometimes? It’s also good news for you! You are most welcome to try our service requesting English interpreting assistance. (Please understand that this is not a set plan yet)

Our shooting will be at Okinawa beaches or other attractive locations, we do have lots of selections.
Get the most out of Okinawa’s beautiful beaches or various other Okinawa sites while you are in Okinawa!

There may be people who want to try wedding photoshooting in a unique location, but give up because many of them are Japanese-only companies. . Please do not give up.

Well, first of all, please contact us! Then, tell us your concern and request and see how it goes♬
We look forward to hearing from you!

Photoshooting with English interpretor
A couple, enjoyed wedding shooting with English speaking assistant

This carming couple visited Okinawa shortly and tried our Wedding photo shooting service. The location was at beatiful beach in Yomitan.It was a beautiful clear day. Actually, husband could speak Japanese well, but English speaking assistant joined just in case, the shooting went so smooth.

Various background, nice memory in Okinawa♡

So, don’t hesitate! Firs of all, please contact us either from Instragram or Line. Or here is our official Website.

When you get to our website, scroll down, please. You will see 2 QR code below. Please tap green one which is on the left side for any queries. Our staff will reply you soon!

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